A Home By Thanksgiving

That was the goal! Wendy wanted to host Thanksgiving for her family this year and she will!  When we talked to her about her pathway to homeownership she shared the following  .  .  .


“ I wanted to live somewhere I felt safe, that was near my job and plenty of space for my daughter and granddaughter.  I was also tired of renting.  It felt like I was wasting my money. Now i’m excited to be a homeowner investing in my own property.  The process was quick.  Since I knew what I wanted and had a plan and a goal to host my family in my new home by Thanksgiving.  My advice to those who are renting is to buy a home if you’re able - learn from my story - I was paying $1,000 a month for a small apartment when I could have been using that money on a mortgage.”

It was a pleasure working with Wendy! We are grateful that we got to help her achieve her dream.  We can learn a lot from Wendy.

1. Set Goals! Start with the end in mind. For Wendy, it was picturing her family around the thanksgiving table at her new home instead of a cramped apartment. Maybe for you it’s a yard for your children to play in or being able to decorate your home with your style. Whatever it is, keep it in mind so that it will motivate you to move forward.

2. Know What You Want. She knew the location (near work) and space (enough for 3 people). Knowing this goes a long way helping the process qo quicker.

3. Be Financially Wise. We know that some people need to rent for a season but there is wisdom in turning that corner in investing your hard earned money into a home of your own.

3. Choose A Neighbor You Can Trust - Erika Brown & Associates. We were able to help Wendy in her process and we are able to help you too.  Contact us today if you have goals of homeownership.