The Season For Giving


What a great season we are in! A time to reflect on all the ways we have been blessed and given so much that it overflows with hearts to give to others. We just wrapped up our grateful series on instagram and facebook  - where we shared the many people and companies we are grateful for.  This month we are transitioning into our giving series. Highlighting how we give back to the community and highlighting many worthy Nonprofit Organizations that we love. We would love if you would check them out and consider giving to them. Read below to learn a bit about them, then click the links to learn more and give if you feel so led. We will also be highlighting them on social media this month so make sure to follow us on Instagram @erikabrownandassociates

The URBAN MISSION focuses on advancing the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom among communities in Atlanta experiencing the consequences of injustice, oppression, and poverty. oaksATL is our URBAN MISSION initiative focusing on whole-life-discipleship through gospel-centered community development.

Peace Preparatory
Peace Preparatory Academy seeks to be a place that educates the whole child, supports the whole family, and provides growth and change opportunities for the whole community in a high quality, Christ-centered learning environment.

Bearings Bike
Bearings Bike Shop is a youth development organization where kids in Atlanta can earn and maintain a bicycle while developing the skills and character essential to success in adulthood.

Blueprint 58 is a community-based mentoring program in the Adair Park and Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Atlanta. Blueprint 58 is unique in its approach to community development, focusing on both fostering mentoring relationships through the local school, and establishing a healthy and positive presence in the neighborhood.

Raising Expectations
Raising Expectations empowers youth in crises by raising academic, social and civic expectations to facilitate high school graduation and post-secondary plans.

& Campaign
To address the socio-political issues with the compassion and conviction of the gospel

Committed to Communities
A small team of concerned real estate professionals in Southwest Atlanta decided to try and do something about the high number of vacant properties after the mortgage crisis left the area looking and feeling depressed.Today, some 5 years later, Committed to Communities has grown into a full-service, not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated not only to showcasing these same neighborhoods in Southwest Atlanta but also to educating the local community, helping empower renters to become homeowners and experience the wealth in experience and possibly the actual wealth that can be gained, through owning a home.