Clients Who Inspire


Its the season of gratefulness! We are so grateful for all of our clients, it’s an honor to serve you, helping you find a place to call home, a place to invest or sell your current home as you move on to the next season of life.

This week leading up to Thanksgiving we’re highlighting a few of our clients that are a inspiration to us for the way that they make bold choices, use their voice for change, and impact neighborhoods by providing affordable housing.

Today we want introduce you to a recent clients of ours, Marcus & Ansara. They’re an engaged couple who just purchased their first home that they’ll move into together after their wedding. This couple inspires us because they took a bold step hoping not to let a great opportunity pass and that step of faith paid off. You see, they were not planning to buy nor were they looking. But when we recently posted a home on social media for a price they didn’t think they could get in a desired neighborhood, they didn’t hesitate to pursue.
In their own words, they commented . . .

“In some ways, we did the process backwards because this house came under our radar as a surprise. Therefore, we didn’t have everything organized because we weren’t really looking to purchase a home until we came across this home. However, we worked through it. We did what we could with what we had at any given time. And we were able to get the house!”

They took a risk and it paid off. They never even thought it was possible for them to own a home so now this home signifies a new beginning for them and all the seemingly impossible things ahead that really are just in arms reach if you take a chance. They took that chance and now they have a home to build a family and create lasting traditions within.

Their advice to others is . . .

“If anyone is in the process of buying a home, I would tell them to not give up or get stressed out. The process is not as hard as it seems, especially if you have a good realtor!”

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