Q&A W/Erika Brown on Work, Family & Community

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Since it’s the month that we celebrate Moms, and you being the Mom of 3 boys share with us what you aim to model to them through your work?
My husband and I don’t take it for granted that we’ve been giving the privileged and responsibility to raise 3 men of faith and good character.  When they witness the work I do, and how I do it, my hope is that they see  the good work ethic I try demonstrate. That things we want to accomplish don’t just get handed to us - we have to work hard for them.  I also want them to see how to treat people with integrity, care about the community they live in and be conscious about the issues going in our society. It’s also very important that they see that even though the work I do can be time consuming, that they are my priority.
It’s not lost on me either that I set an example for them for black womanhood and that affects how they will treat women in general.

Do you have advice for other working Moms out there?
Yes, 3 things  .  .  
Give yourself some grace. There will be days when you are killing it at work but not so much at home and vice versa, but don’t beat up on yourself - reevaluate your priorities and move ahead in the right direction.
Recognize that you need help. It’s important to build a village. People who will help you out when you need advice, a babysitter, or an encouraging word.  And be sure to be that for other people.
Get Personal time for yourself. Your spouse and kids are important but if you aren’t rested well and cared for, you won’t be able to truly care for them.  I do this by scheduling time to connect with life giving friends, spa time and vacation.

Your slogan is “a neighbor you can trust”, why?
I understand how important this process is of buying a home because i’ve been there myself. When we bought our first home we wanted an agent that was trustworthy, knowledgeable. So when I became a Realtor I wanted to be everything that I wanted when I was in the process. 

What do you enjoy most about being a real estate agent?
I love how I get to help people achieve a goal. Its so rewarding when I get to see our clients enjoying their homes, life and community and knowing that we played a role in that.