Have You Considered Purchasing an Income Property?

Income Property Post.png

An income property is property bought or developed to earn income through renting, leasing or price appreciation. For many this property is even right on their current property and is rented out through one of the popular companies now like AIrbnb. The picture above is of a suite in the back of a recent listing of ours that is now Under Contract. The suite has a living room, full bath and kitchenette that the new owners could use for additional income by leasing it or renting it out occasionally through Airbnb.

In your home search have you considered putting the possibility for a income property on your wish list? 

Or, investing in a home for that specific purpose?

If so, contact us today and let's begin the conversation of what that could look like for you and your desired area. Many homeowners make enough to significantly subsidize their mortgage and for some, cover it completely - wouldn't that be nice :).
If you need more convincing, check out this recent article in Curbed.com on the profit of some Airbinbs in Atlanta.

Sandy Hafeez

Marketing Coordinator for Erika Brown & Associates

Whether in speech or written word, Sandy is a communicator at heart. Her background in public relations, fund development and blogging have fueled her creativity and focus to help others expand their reach via websites and social media. She along with her husband and 2 boys have lived in the Westside of Atlanta for 3 years, and love exploring the many food scenes this side of town has to offer.