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The Westside of Atlanta has been through a huge transition shift in the last 5 years. We not only believe in helping people find a home that they will love but we also believe in connecting people to the community. That’s why Erika Brown & Associates along with Urban West Atl will host monthly Community Conversations at various locations on the Westside.
While living on the Westside we have experienced first hand what happens when people get together from different backgrounds and cultures. We hope that our conversations will help connect people together who may not ordinarily cross paths, with hopes of fostering a greater sense of community with one another.

Below you’ll find information for our upcoming conversations.


April 25th @Lean Draft house
Topic: Gentrification
time: 6-8pm

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Gentrification. In a peaceful way let’s talk about the good, bad and the ugly plus what we can do as community do-gooders to combat the negative effects of it.


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