The Real Estate agents have a ton of real estate expertise. There are so many acronyms in the real estate business. To top that off, the forms, disclosures, and reports assist you in making an educated decision, that if done incorrectly, can result in delays and large mistakes. 

The Real Estate agents job is to protect you, their client. If you’re a buyer and you decide to just work with the listing agent on a home purchase you run the risk of not being protected in the transaction. The listing agents job is to protect the seller and vice versa.

You have other things to do! Selling a home, planning for a move, and finding another place is stressful enough. Why carry the burden of having to worry about selling your home too. Allow a Real Estate agent do the work for you. Having access to the multiple listing service and the marketing resources that our team has available comes with working with our team.

Real Estate agents have strong negotiation skills. They know the market and no how to help you make the best money and how to get this best deal. With our professional knowledge and seasoned sales experience, we can negotiate the deal from contract to close.